Bath, Health & Safety

Soothing Sound Machine Rental for Relaxation

10 calming sounds including heartbeat, rainforest and white noise

Price: $ 13.00

Video Monitor Camera w/ Night Vision

Display color picture by day and black and white at night

Price: $ 28.00

Baby Monitor Basic - Sound Only

2 piece baby monitor plugs in to wall and provides clear, crisp sounds

Price: $ 9.00

Bottle Warmer Rental for Easy Baby Feeding

Simple Serve single bottle warmer for quick and reliable use every time

Price: $ 9.00

Microwave Bottle Sterilizer Rental for Hygiene

Keep bottles and breast pump parts sanitary and disinfected

Price: $ 9.00

Contoured Changing Pad Rental for Diaper Changes

Waterproof and wipeable use on dresser or any flat surface

Price: $ 12.75

Wood Changing Table w/ Pad (Delivery Only)

Constructed of sturdy wood and holds your baby's belongings

Price: $ 56.00

Standard Bed Rail Rental for Toddler Safety - 16" X 42"

Mesh 42" long bed rails / guards fit on any bed or rollaway

Price: $ 12.75

Bed Rail- Tall / Extra Long 17" X 54"

Longer than normal bed rail/guards swing down for easy entry

Price: $ 17.00

Bath Ring Rental for Safe Bathing

Safety First Ring suctions to bottom of your tub or sink

Price: $ 8.00

Bath Tub Rental for Baby's Bath Time

Many sizes of baby bath tubs including folding styles for travel

Price: $ 8.00

Diaper Pail Rental with Convenient Refills

Contain odors with this DeKor diaper pail including refill liners

Price: $ 14.00

Potty Rental for Easy Training

Simple toilet potty training aid for toddler is free standing.

Price: $ 9.00

Step Stool Rental for Little Helpers

This step stool doubles as a feeding/chair top table booster

Price: $ 9.00

42" Gate Rental for Childproofing

Sure Grip one of the finest gates ever produced for doorways

Price: $ 10.75

60" Gate Rental for Extra Security

Evenflo soft and wide mesh safety gate installs easily in doors and larger openings t...

Price: $ 12.75

Humidifier Rental for Comfortable Sleep

Humidifier provides natural and cool moisture in rooms

Price: $ 17.00

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