Diaper Pail with refills


For the small or new born baby at home or visiting, you will definitely need a Diaper Pail from A Baby's Choice. For rentals over 1 week we will include extra refills . Use the DeKor large diaper pail to dispose all the used diapers, keeping unpleasant odors in check. Dekor Hands-Free Diaper Pails are designed to make this unpleasant chore as easy as possible for parents. Unlike other disposal systems where you have to bend over, operate a lid, or even shove a soiled diaper inside the diaper pail, Dekor Diaper Pails are 100% hands-free. After a diaper change, you are likely to have baby in one arm and the soiled diaper in the other. No one has a third hand to operate the diaper pail. Just STEP on the foot pedal, DROP the soiled diaper through the trap door, and you’re DONE! Unlike the competition, Dekor is made with ABS closed-cell plastic that doesn’t absorb odors over time, and it’s safe to clean with bleach or other household cleaners, and comes with a continuous refill ring installed.


  • 3 Nights $14.00
  • 1st Week $15.00
  • 2 Weeks $28.00
  • 3 Weeks $39.00
  • 4 Weeks $49.00
  • 5 Weeks $59.00
  • 6 Weeks $69.00
  • 7 Weeks $79.00
  • 8 Weeks $89.00
  • Extra Night $3.50


Final price (for dates selected)

$ 14.00

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