VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


From baby steps to big steps the VTech Electronic Sit to Stand Learning Walker helps your child develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. Remove the activity station from the walker in seconds for use independently on the floor. Or let your beginner learn to walk using the stable walker with the attached learning center. Start them out on the floor playing with the activity features, talking on the phone and pressing the musical notes. Than watch as and they learn to pull themselves up and start walking. The Electronic Sit to Stand Learning Walker keeps baby on track teaching shapes, colors, animals, music and more!


  • 3 Nights $14.75
  • 1st Week $14.75
  • 2 Weeks $24.00
  • 3 Weeks $29.00
  • 4 Weeks $34.00
  • 5 Weeks $39.00
  • 6 Weeks $43.00
  • 7 Weeks $46.00
  • 8 Weeks $49.00
  • Extra Night $2.50


Final price (for dates selected)

$ 14.75

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